Thursday, August 18, 2011


So thrilled to have this little old blog featured on METRO Magazine's website today, part of the Blog Lovin' series.  I will admit, I always find it a little embarrassing to read stuff about myself that I didn't write (ever the control freak), but it's a nice little piece.  Thanks, Jennifer Mitchell, for putting this together!

You can read the article here.

Welcome, Metro readers!  Hope to see you back here often.  If you feel so compelled, you can follow me here on the blog, or on Facebook or on Twitter @hpetersondesign.

To get you started, here are a bunch posts to check out.

Looking for a tutorial?  How about one of these?

How to hang an art wall (or multiple art walls)
How to paint the continents on your walls
How to buy vintage
How to make a pleated lamp shade
How to build a headboard
How to make botanical silhouettes
How to make art from paper

Need some design inspiration?  Here's some!

Hanging Lanterns
Natural wallcoverings
Vintage Educational chart
Overscale botanicals
Leopard Print
Zebra Print
Graphic wall treatments (okay, and more)
Twin Canopies

How about product roundups?  Sure thing.

Modern Birdfeeders
Modern chair knock offs
Galvanized garden chairs

Everyone loves a makeover, right?

Two day makeover: after
Oliver's nursery: after
Guest room: after
Girl's room: after and after-after
Dining room: after
Cocktail table turned ottoman: after

And last but not least, Reader Design Dilemmas

Family calendar
mixed-gender kids room
re-purposing a media unit
re-purposing a recalled crib
Mixing other rugs with zebra
working around a vintage plant stand entry

And of course, if you have a dilemma of your own shoot me an email heather [at]

There's lots of other stuff on the blog, too, so go browse.

Thanks for stopping by!

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