Monday, August 8, 2011

Office Progress

Oh, boy.  I'm about to show you something slightly horrifying (okay, at least embarrassing), and it is only Monday.

I gave you a peek at my office a while back, and mentioned plans to double the desk space to accommodate two work stations.  When we bought this house, little did we know we'd need two stations as we started two businesses and had two grown ups working from home.  Thankfully, this office is huge and right off the living room, an unusual scenario to say the least.

This was the workspace scenario before:

And here it is after:

I'm sort of covering my eyes with my fingers to look at this.  I'd like to claim that we JUST put the second desk in and we are still getting settled, but that would be a bald faced lie:  it has been weeks.  And weeks.

We filched the additional grey filing cabinet from my childhood bedroom (after I cleaned out the files, which included the program from every play I ever saw, among other long-lost "treasures".  Yikes!).  We bought a pine board from Home Depot and applied three coats of varnish, with some light sanding in between.  We put the board on the filing cabinets.  This is a project with a very low "difficulty" rating.

I like to think it kind of looks like the office of a small (and poor) but up and coming architect.  Clearly we have some organizing to do, but here's the real problem:  that Ghost chair, while lovely and stylish, is horribly uncomfortable for sitting and blogging and sourcing fine finds for my clients all the livelong day (and night).  Ideally, I would get another chair just like the one in there, not so much because I need everything in pairs (though that is certainly an affliction), more because there's already a lot going on in there.

The busy cowhide.  The bright colors in the art wall.  The orange chair itself and the bright yellow lamp.  And I love it all.  (Except the clutter, but that's not staying!)  What else could you really throw in there but another Eames office chair without things going off the rails?

Well, here's the problem:  our chair is fiberglass, like the vintage ones.  It is from Modernica, the owners of the original Eames mold, and we bought it through Modlivin, an AWESOME store in Denver.  Shortly after we bought it, the mold BROKE.  And while Modernica does seem to have a bunch of them still on hand, there do not appear to be any orange shells left.  And while the molded plastic ones that everyone sells have their place, yes, they really just aren't quite my thing.  Which means I am about to sign over hours of my life to obsessive ebay searching for a vintage orange fiberglass Eames shell armchair.  How's the for a list of keywords?  (Or maybe I'll call Modernica in the morning during business hours and see if they can hook me up.)

I'm sure I'll break down and come up with another solution, but for now, this is my plan, and I'm sticking to it.

Well: the Indigo shell is nice, too.

So, tell me: is your office just as messy?  Please tell me it is.


  1. Well, having been lucky enough to just visit this space, I am here to say it is alive with creative energy and a generous spirit! I try to keep a "tidy" studio but, that's only possible when I'm not working, it's really two different things. I prefer a working mess!

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  4. Offices are inevitably full of wires and cables. And if you recall from this post about building some under desk storage, ours is no exception. But we were determined to make our mess o’ cords look somewhat more presentable.
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