Friday, September 9, 2016

Teeny tiny bathroom

I wish I could call this a "before and after," but I forgot to snap photos of the before!
This is a shame, because while the "After" is pretty cute, the real transformation is in how much bigger this small space feels.

This is what I would call a bathroom "refresh."  We didn't move any mechanicals, and we kept the original tub.  But everything else is new--tile, lights, medicine cabinet, toilet, and most importantly, vanity.  The old one was huge and blocky and cut off the space.  The new one is slim and sleek but still provides storage.

I may have shared the design boards before, but here we go again (if I don't remember, you sure won't!),  I gave them 3 options:

Option 1: Classic/ Vintage
(I should mention that we were deciding between flanking sconces with the original wiring versus moving to one overhead sconce, so both options are in these boards--it was to be one or the other, NOT both.  We were also debating re-using their shower curtain versus a new one.)

Option 2: Coastal

Option 3: Rustic

After a little revision, we landed on this:

Before, the bathroom was painted a very bright green, with some real acidity to it.  We wanted to to keep the space bright but also calm it down.  White paint made sense for brightness, but it may have felt a bit unfinished.  The grey "wainscot" feel fresh and modern and finished without getting too dark or heavy.

One of the ways we saved was not moving any mechanicals.  The sconces are placed a bit wider than we might have chosen if we were working from scratch, but aligning the towel ring and towel bars with the light's centerline makes it all feel pretty deliberate.  I think it's important to know when you really have to spend the money and when it makes more sense to make it work.

 We did corner shelves instead of a tiled cubby in the shower--we wanted to keep the lines of the tile as simple as possible.  You can also see next to the window we added a porcelain robe hook for easy access to a towel while showering.

In a small space, little details make a big difference.  I love the porcelain cross handles with the hot and cold labels.

But my real favorite is the blue-green-grey matte penny tile.  It looks hand made and is so fun and pretty!

We didn't want to spend a ton in this bathroom.  We got a totally cute, totally functional space on a tight budget!


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