Thursday, November 30, 2017

Wish List

Hi there!

I actually have new content coming soon.  Despite a crazy couple of months, we snuck in a few photo shoots and I'll have some fun before and afters in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, my annual indulgence of sharing my wants with you.  For links, wish list here.  Once again it's looking similar to last year (and previous years!)

1.  A subscription to Galerie magazine.  I devour my shelter mags as they come through the door--which isn't often enough!

2. For some reason I'm really into these asymmetrical tops of the athleisure variety.

3.  Fresh foam booties for dog walking.

4.  All of our everyday plates are chipped.  These are fun possibilities!

5.  Fun every day earrings in mixed metals.

6.  A runner for my stairs.  (Or more precisely, my husband's agreement that I can put a runner on our stairs.)

7.  Funky one of a kind pottery.  One of these crooked vessels from Polly Yates would do nicely!

8.  An investment bag.  The Madewell option has been on my list for years (now available in canvas!) but a friend and client just introduced me to a better option.

9.  Statement jewelry from my friend Tia.  Love the necklaces made from lake superior stones, but the fringe earrings (in nude?  black?) or the half moon earrings would be every-day staples.

10.  A new throw for the living room.  The one I got for my bday 5 years ago is full of holes!

11. Cashmere-lined colorful leather gloves.  A wish list staple.

12.  A Lagatto Romano puppy!

13.  Design books.  This year's crop is looking great!

14. Sheepskin seat covers.  This is really for the doggy.  Not entirely sure if I am serious about this, but there are incredible custom options out there--who knew?

And....I feel compelled to say that this wish list is just that--daydreaming about what I might like but certainly in no way need.  I'm so grateful for all the wonderful thins in my life.  (But this is a fun game to play each year--and amazing how little my wants change!)

Tis the season: what are you wishing for this year?

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Gallery Walls--alternative grids

I'm such a fair-weather friend, aren't I?

Blogging silence.  And now, here I am--asking for your help!  (Well, opinions anyway.)
I've been in my new office space for over a month and finally finding time to hang art and curtains and generally upgrade the feel of the place.

Here's the design board for the general plan:

And the floor plan:

That grid of artwork that defines the conference table area is made of these bookplates from a vintage book of world mythology that I found at the Retrowanderlust warehouse sale. (As pictured in my former space, upstairs.)

I have 19 in total, and I came to the office today (Saturday) to hang it in a tall grid of five-five-five-three.

Well, nothing is quite that simple, is it?

I realized that I wasn't sure I wanted such a rigid grid as I had planned.  Why?  Because I already had a grid of 16 spaces in the expedit bookshelves on the far wall.

So instead of hanging the art, I've been playing around on the computer, deciding on a layout.  

Here's where you come in:  what's your favorite?

My original plan:
(I wanted something vertical, but am limited by the vertical orientation of the prints and the overall height. 4 rows just fit floor to ceiling, with about 2 inches between frames.)

Other straightforward grids:

But then I started to think about ways to add in more dynamic shapes or movement.

Staggered lines:

Center line with "chevrons":

The checkerboard:

The "Butterfly":

...Those are all still pretty geometric.  So what about this?

When I saved the above image, I titled it "breaking free of the grid."  I sort of love how it feels like it just got kind of shaken loose.

Okay: VOTE!

Actually, I think this exercise just told me what to do....but I still want your opinion!


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