Monday, October 1, 2018

Before and After: City Loft in the Suburbs

I have to say, this one is VERY exciting.

These days I sneak peek so much on instagram as projects unfold, it is very rare for me to have a before and after that is a completely new, fresh, and heretofore unseen project.  But this one is.

It's also fun because 98% of my work is direct referrals, and this project wasn't.  The client interviewed me and several other designers and ultimately I won her business.

And all of that aside, I think this project is farthest from my personal aesthetic of any completed work, and yet I still really love it!

Okay, ready?

The house was built in the suburbs in the 80s, and it was all golden oak and shiny brass.  The clients had something more slick and modern in mind.  We did not change the layout at all, but we ultimately resurfaced the entire main floor.

Kitchen before:


One of the greatest things about this house is its location on a golf course.  The kitchen boasted a window with a view over the sink--but it was a dated box window and really overshadowed by the soffit.  Changing it out was an add-on to the original scope, but I think it was money really well spent.



In the living room, removing the country style banister and making use of the fireplace angled wall had a huge impact.

Living room before:


(p.s. this was my most minimalist project ever and I had a pretty strong urge to fill it up when I styled the photo shoot!  Everything you see on a horizontal surface in the photo above is mine, except for the lamp.)

Sunroom before:


Upstairs, the house is still largely living in the 80s (that is a later phase), but we spruced up the master bedroom with furniture and soft goods.



The dining and living rooms are being updated currently.  All in all, a pretty big transformation already!


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