Friday, August 19, 2011

What I must have

Okay, so I have been trying to play it cool over here about the whole Missoni for Target thing.  I totally freaked out over the Calyspo partnership, announcing it here, and did in fact go to at least one Target store (and possibly more, but I'm not telling) on the day the collection launched.  And then bought....nothing.  Not a thing.  I tried to get my girls to at least fall for the little girls line, which was to die, but they were not convinced.

So, right.  Playing it cool.  Despite the fact that Missoni is only my favorite. brand. ever.  Not to be all, I loved Missoni before it was super cool to the masses or anything, but the truth is, I did.  And I will love it even after the Target goods are brought home, then packed up and sent off to greener pastures when the trend fades.  I talked a little bit about my missoni love in a tangent about thoughtfulness on my other blog, here. (Aren't my parents the sweetest?)

The day the first images of the collection hit, my friend Sara sent me the link to the Huffington Post piece, and we agreed that what we most desperately needed was the bike...

FOR SURE, the bike.  My husband insists I need a new one, so why not make it Missoni?

These emails passed in secret (playing it cool), but then, today, I saw a link to the FULL LOOKBOOK on New York Magazine, and I am caving to the pressure and sharing my faves.  Not my favorites in like a critical round up way, no.  This is what I want bad for myself.  It is a short, sweet, list.

This quilt must grace the bed of my bedroom (thereby leaving my Dwell for Target bedding in the dust.  I'm from Minnesota: we are Target loyalists, what can I say?)

And this awesomeness must come home and solve all of my deck seating issues.

It must.

And don't worry: I know full well that the items I want will under no circumstance be available at my local stores.  That would be too easy/awesome.  As far as I can tell, the Calypso gold pouf is an urban legend.

But I will be there, the day the collection launches.  My record for Target stores visited in one day is maybe 12, but I was being paid for that.  

So, tell me, what do you think is a reasonable number of Target Stores to visit in pursuit of the perfect Missoni pieces?

This is a trick question.  The answer will tell me how insane you (and I) are.

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  1. Those are my exact same fave pieces. And I don't ride a bike and I don't have an outdoor space so the likelihood is that I will only end up with the blanket. :) Visit as many as you need to - it's fun and you end up with stuff you love. What's wrong with that?
    -e (


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