Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lantern Love

I have a client presentation at the end of the day, and we are possibly using lantern pendant fixtures in the living room and foyer (the two spaces are technically one big room).  Because lanterns are more tall than wide, as a typical armed chandelier, the "rules" of scale don't seem quite accurate, and while sourcing the perfect fixtures, I turned to some inspiration shots.  Turns out, interesting lanterns work in all kinds of rooms in varying scales, shapes and finishes.

In addition to some tearsheets in my inspiration file and others found around the internet, I happened upon a whole roundup over at Cote De Texas, including these gems:

And in the blogger's own family room:

Also pulled a bunch from my favorite source, House Beautiful:

Of course, lots of these are antiques and totally fabulous, and we have neither the searching time nor the budget for such things.  I'm actually most liking the simplest ones (in my clients home, there is a high ceiling and a large clerestory window to be mindful of).

The natural preference for these fixtures seem to be in the dining room and kitchen, but I do think Cote de Texas makes a strong case for the living room.

What do you think?


  1. I looked forever to find the perfect pair of lanterns for over my kitchen island and never found the right thing, thats why I went with the Matthews fans...and although I miss the idea of the lanterns, the fans are very good (and I didn't need the lanterns for the light since there's only a ton of recess lamps in the ceiling).

  2. I LOVE lanterns for living spaces, but as a rookie wannabe decorator, I really struggle with the scale. That and low ceilings...bummer.

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