Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Put Your Stamp On It

My husband kind of has a thing for stamps.  He doesn't collect them ,it's not like that, he just gets kind of excited when new collections come out at the post office.  This is one of those utilitarian things where I--the aesthete--would just buy a roll of flag stamps, just your basic little guys that are all business.  But Dave buys them in sheets.  He buys the Simpsons, and Jazz Musicians, and Quilts.  He went to the post office recently and came home with some of the latest designs, including these Pioneers of American Industrial Design.

This image is a larger version of the Pioneers of American Industrial Design (Forever) product.
I love them.  He got extra because he knew I would.

I think the lamps are my favorites, though those bright pitchers are surely in the running.

So tell me: do you buy plain stamps, or do you go for the designs?  What's your favorite?

Oh and p.s., I have a little stamp project to share later this week.  True story.


  1. I always ask for the "cool" stamps when I buy. Those are awesome.

  2. My mother is a philatelist and has been collecting stamps for more than 40 years. She has binders and binders of first issue stamps. Over the years, she has framed stamps, made collages from them, and given stamps as gifts. When my daughter was born, she gave me corner (four together - philatelists love the corners of sheets) of St. Francis of Assisi stamps. She met a guy on a trip to Canada who was a professor, and when she got home, she sent him some older stamps of great authors, specific to his subject area. She scrutinizes stamps on invitations, christmas cards, and general letters. Nothing pleases her more than when the USPS offers "votes" for stamps. My whole family voted for the Elvis stamp; my brother was bummed when the young and handsome Elvis was selected over the jowlier mutton-chopped one. I joke that my mom didn't help me pick out my wedding dress, but she spent days considering which stamps to use for the invites - bierstadt landscapes (she does believe that wedding invitations should always be a love stamp). And she's passed it on to me a bit. I scold my husband for buying a roll of flag stamps from the machine rather than wait on the interminable line for sheet stamps. Christmas cards MUST have the new Christmas stamps. I actually choose who gets which stamp when I send out my christmas card, too...and yes, I do spend time lingering on the stamp selection whenever I get a card or invite. :)

  3. I recently stumbled upon a sheet of Eames stamps I bought to frame and hang. Now I'm inspired to actually do so!


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