Friday, August 12, 2011

Vintage Educational Charts

This one has been a long time coming, but I'd say that the educational chart trend has hit critical mass.  The official date and time was, oh, this past Tuesday?  I believe these were in one of the One Kings Lane tastemaker tag sales, listed for a cool grand or so.

And just last week, I saw these at Minneapolis's own Hunt and Gather, for less than half the OKL price.

(I will admit, these are quite awesome--and they are HUGE).

Back in the fall, I had considered using one of these in Oliver's nursery,

but Oliver's mom is a teacher and thought this hit a little close to home to have it in her, er, home.

I know I have seen them EVERYWHERE, but in putting together this roundup, my search was not super fruitful.

Let's see.

Steven Gambrel in Elle Decor.

Amy Larocca's house in Domino (I was almost too lazy to scan this one, but you guys are worth it.)

An insect chart in House Beautiful

A Sneak Peek on Design Sponge.

Okay, make that two.

A creepy anatomy version on the Readymade blog (SO sad that Readymade is no more)

This one's not totally what I'm talking about, though.  There seems to be a preference for french educational charts, I suppose because they are in French?  Kind of like how adorable french accents are on little children?

There also seems to be a preference for a black background.  Maybe more dramatic that way.  And for hanging it unframed.  Like this one, from Rue Magazine.

Incidentally, love the black on black.  

Here's one on a blackboard wall, taking the school house thing up a notch or two (via pinterest).

Want one?

Get mammals, here (do you know three potato four?  No?  Well, have fun over there.)
Get botanicals, here.  Oh, they have zoology, too.  

Or make your own and report back.



  1. Those are cool! I'm not sure about the anatomy one though..

  2. The anatomy one doesn't bother me as much as the bug one. I can think of almost nothing else that would be more unpleasant to look at while trying to relax in the tub.

  3. I was at Patina yesterday and noticed two very colorful educational posters - they seem to be carrying some vintage stuff now including lots of fabrics from India. Anyway, one was birds and the other flowers and they had English and Japanese labels. Really cute. I keep thinking about them and may need to go back tomorrow and see if they are still there.

  4. School charts and school posters are great reminder, educational and learning tool. School charts, educational wall charts and school posters have the ability to convey a complex and difficult subject and concepts in simple words.


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