Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Letting the poufs go

I know: enough already with the poufs.

I was so sure they were the perfect solution for extra seating in my living room--so FIXATED on poufs (square ones, making my own) that I couldn't see in my mind's eye that the scale would be all wrong.

Enter Lisa, lovely homeowner whose master bedroom got the two-day business.  She happens to have a sister-in-law who happens to import crates full of goods from India every time she redecorates, and Lisa just happens to be the happy recipient of some of the leftovers.  Like a pair of leather poufs that she wasn't really using.

Loaner poufs.

(Just to give you context, the other side of this wall is in the dining room, with the paper-art)

Actually, my kids loved the poufs so much that Lisa suggested we keep them, but the moment they plunked down in front of my fireplace, I knew they were too low.  (OR my fireplace is too high, but I don't think that will change anytime soon.)  And then I had a use-what-you-have moment, which produced these chairs from the basement.

I figured if I liked the shape I would spray the bases gold and the chairs white.

But wait!  I have some white chairs!

With the arms, a pair feels like too much (there's a Danish Modern armchair off to the left.)

Just one is just right, especially if you balance the other side with a big modern all-white lamp (which I have) or a spine bookcase (which I don't, but could build like this.)

That wall will not stay white--with the floating fireplace, it just looks too unfinished to me.

Stay tuned.


  1. This cracks me up--only because I'm the same way:always rearranging. I actually like the blue chairs, but I bet once you paint the fireplace wall I'll love the white chair best.

  2. I like the one white chair! What about a pouf next to it, on the left?

  3. What about something a tab large, say a square taller 'pouf' that doesn't push all the way up to the wall and kinda floats in the space? just a thought...


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