Thursday, September 1, 2011

Grown up collage

Did you make collages as a kid?  I'm sure when my girls are pre-teens and want to plaster their walls with cutouts of American Idol contestants or whoever, I will not be pleased.  But my mom let me take a scissors to many a Bop magazine, which led to a collage of boys radiating out from a mirror in a corner by my closet.  (The best thing about this room was a pink canvas butterfly chair.)  Anyway, I stowed these images away a while back.  some record company, featured in Interior Design Magazine.

I've been wondering if I could pull off such a thing in my laundry room.  The problem with a new house is that it feel like a risk to do something like this, you know?  In an older house or a house in disrepair it seems more likely to feel like an improvement.

A while back, I received this poster from one of the final projects I worked at back when I worked for Creative Time.

And I got to thinking about other styles of collage, you know, that could incorporate this poster (and the box of my husband's old concert posters in the basement, just daring the floodwaters to destroy them).  It put me in mind of this restaurant in Tribeca, Blaue Gans (okay, I actually couldn't remember the name and had to gchat my friend Sara with unhelpful details like "maybe it's Austrian?" and "we had brunch there when Clio and Charlie were babies?")

Anyway, the restaurant is big, with high ceilings, and the whole thing is wallpapered in posters.  So I find myself thinking about what I would want to put up, and whether I would want random scale and pattern or something a bit neater and tidier, and so on and so forth.

Eames bucket and magazine wall collage - [clair+photo+collaga+Picture+120.png]

source unknown

Marie Claire Maison


What do you think?  Too messy?  Or just right?

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