Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Did you know about this?

I'm going to do something a little unprecedented here and skip the back story.  That's right, I'm just going to tell you about this thing I discovered that is pretty awesome without any of the details that led up to the discovery.

Kincaid has a retail customizeable furniture line.  That's right: custom.  Retail.

Did you know this?

The frame is the frame (this isn't Hickory Chair, people), but then you choose your arm, your back cushions, type of seat, type of foot, and fabric.  Kind of great.  (There are actually a few more options if you go to a furniture dealer than what you see online).

And the pricing is good.  I was looking at a sectional--a one arm, three cushion sofa and a chaise--in a mid grade fabric and it came to about $2800.  About what you'd expect at Room and Board or Crate and Barrel.  Except I got to choose my arm and my leg and my seat back.

On the fabric selections, I saw them in person and there are lots of good basic choices (and really, in most cases you want good and basic for your sofa).  On the website I had some fun playing around with some not-so-basic choices.  You get to choose body fabric and welting and the fabric and welting for two sets of pillows.  Endless combinations.  Check it.

Coral geometric print with peacock blue piping:

Blue-green leopard print with teal piping, plus pillows in marigold matelasse and a citron check:

Crazy sunny stripes plus two patterned fabrics in complimentary green:

Black with white windowpane check and deep blue pillows

That last one is my fave: lilac and yellow ikat on the couch with a lilac check on the inner pillows and a bright sunshiney yellow on the outsides.

So.  Just sayin', if you're in the market for custom but not working with a designer (or can't afford the higher-end lines that offer custom options), check out Kincaid's Custom Select.

P.S.  While I think my blog is still way too small for me to have to use disclaimers, for the record the fine folks at Kincaid have no clue I checked out their upholstery, did not sponsor this post, and will probably only care a tine smidgen that I wrote it, if they happen to catch it through google alerts or somesuch.

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  1. How cool! Kincaid's should give you a free sectional . . .


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