Monday, April 11, 2011

What I need

I generally write my posts the night before, but every once in a while I take the night off and find myself posting in the morning.  I try not to read other blogs before I get my own up, but sometimes I give in to temptation.  This was one such morning (procrastinating spring cleaning).  I just went to Little Green Notebook and read Jenny's great post on decorating in layers and building a room over time, and it ties in nicely to what I'm thinking about this morning.

My living room is headed towards the final "layer."  The big pieces are in, the color scheme set, the major fabrics chosen, the art is up.  I need to finish a number of projects (upholster the ottoman, sew the throw pillows), and then pull in the final bits and pieces.  But there is one bigger piece missing.  And it should have been determined in layer 1 or 2: extra seating.

The room has a funny layout.  It bleeds into an open hallway on one end and has an L-shaped half wall across from the long, exterior wall.  In that half wall is a gas fireplace and a bunch of cabinets that hide our wiring.  There isn't space to put real furniture in front of the fireplace, but without something there, the circle of seating is broken.

Enter the poof.  A pair of leather poofs was sort of the plan from the get-go, I just needed to wait and see what color.  But now I'm mostly out of money and those things tend to be a couple hundred each.  Plus, this is the kind that I decided would be perfect, in a bigger size, but I haven't been able to track it down (okay, I haven't really tried):

So I've been looking for other kinds of stools or benches, on craigslist, at consignment stores, at Home Goods, but I can't find anything that works with the crazy mid century Moroccan meets California traditional vibe of the room. (Are those real styles?  I think not.)

And then I saw this.

[My Marrakesh, spotted at Parlour]

Which made me think back to a post over at Sarah Wandering about making a dogbed from ikea rugs.  Similar concept.

I had been planning to make some square poofs for the basement with that fabric I was attempting to dye with sucky RIT, but now I want to do this for the living room instead.  Only problem is, I want to make them out of rugs exactly like this.

Which was on One Kings Lane in a tastemaker tag sale, was way out of budget, and there was only one anyway.

Anyone have a good source for simple dhurries like this, on the way cheap?

Just asking.

This also makes me regret, for the third time in as many weeks, apparently getting rid of this embroidered cream moroccan bedspread with inset mirrors.

I say apparently because I don't remember choosing to get rid of it, but it isn't here, so it must have gotten away from me in the crazy days of packing up our Brooklyn house after we already lived in Boulder.  I wanted it for the guest room here, just as what it is: a bedspread.  And then for the ottoman.  And now for these square poofermania floor pillows.  And with each project, I got all inspired to use this, and then had the sad realization that this bedpsread, which I already had, I have no more.

Anyway. I'm curious: do you decorate in layers?  Have you ever gotten really stuck when you skipped a step?


  1. This does not answer your question, but I came across this DIY project a few weeks ago and filed it in my "someday, maybe..." file.

  2. Heather,

    That picture (from My Marrakesh) that you posted... that's where I worked for 3 months this fall! Small world!

    So funny you are looking for dhurries - all I do is search online for ones to match the one I picked up in Marrakesh. Surprisingly, Overstock has some great poufs and kilims for sale at really good prices. :)


  3. Love the rope pillow


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