Sunday, April 10, 2011

Here we go again

It occurred to me that the girls' room should really be pink.

This despite the fact that I chose to put the raspberry colored headboards in there BECAUSE of the pale blue walls.  This despite the fact that I  have claimed more than once that I love that I have two girls in a room that is NOT pink.

But the room has never really felt finished to me, and I think there might be too much going on in there.  Plus, I feel like I want a room that is light and luminous, and a sort of seashell pink seems the way to go.  I had a pink bedroom once, and I loved how soothing it was.

So up go the swatches.

They're all in the coral family of pink, picking up on the more salmon tone in the curtains.  Feels fresh to me.  Now, here's the problem.  Sherwin Williams is having a 40% off paint sale that ends today.  And I didn't get a chance to look at these swatches on a sunny day, much less paint big swatches on the wall.  So I will probably just choose one and barrel ahead despite my own better judgement.  Plus, I've never used SW, and despite my recent problems with Behr, I'm still not going back to my trusty Benjamin Moore.  (Having this blog and recording my process makes me see how I make things harder and where I go wrong.  So that's fun.)

I am most drawn to that middle color, but I think, once expanded over the entire space (it's a BIG room), it might be too saturated.  The top one feels like it would disappear.  I'm leaning towards the bottom one.

What do you think?


  1. Hi Heather! I think they are all good choices and I'm not sure you can go wrong. My first thought was the middle one, but you're probably correct in thinking the bottom one is best!! I think it will look lovely. ;-)

  2. Go light, its amazing how saturated the color gets onces its on a big area. Also white accents will make it pop. I think the middle is going to be way too dark. Try the bottom on an area. if its too much add white primer to lighten, my favorite trick.
    Good luck. I know all about being impulsive and needing to do it now;)

  3. Minimalist (who am I kidding? did I just write that?) nonprofessional chiming in-- I kind of like the top one. Also, as I recently learned with the pendant in Mish's room, lighting with pink can really nicely warm up a lighter color.

  4. Top or bottom, but I favor the lighter one I think - they always look more intense on the wall. I got Rudy's paint at SW (usually a Ben Moore person too) but SW happened to have the shade I wanted. I was largely happy with how it went on - no problems that I recall, unless you count the giant swath of chartreuse Rolph accidentally swiped across the ceiling necessitating a complete ceiling re-do. Not fun.

  5. bottom! the top feels too beige. and the middle reminds me of our pink problem, which was only a tiny wall.

  6. I think pink is the way to go, good luck on finding the right one.

  7. It sounds like you might not want a Benjamin Moore color, but my friend happened to be over today to help me pick out colors for the girls' bedrooms. She chooses paint colors for a living and this is the pink we decided on for one of the rooms: Benjamin Moore Authentic Pink 2006-60. It looks light on the swatch, but she assured me it would fill the room with a warm pink without being crazy like some other pinks. If Kate hadn't helped me today, I would have chosen the middle color on your swatches, but now I'd say it should be the bottom or the top. Good Luck!


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