Tuesday, May 24, 2011

If Leopard is a neutral, what is Zebra?

I love that so many of you were with me that leopard is, indeed, a neutral.  (My favorite response?  From A.J. Barnes, who says he has a list of rules, written down, and the first is that Leopard is a neutral.  I would love to see this list posted on his blog!)

I was feeling slightly less convinced about zebra--I mean, by definition its pretty bold: the contrast! the scale!  But I was just paging through the new issue of House Beautiful when I saw Carson Kressley featured in their bedroom column.  In regards to the pillows on his bed, he has this to say:  "Not that you asked, but I consider zebra a neutral."

What do you think?

From Domino:

From Lonny:

From House Beautiful:

And one awesome sofa from my all-time fave interiors book, New York Living:

Are you with Carson?  While not exactly neutral, does zebra function as a neutral?

Also, an informal poll: leopard or zebra?  Spoiler alert: I'm leopard, for sure.


  1. Leopard for sure!

    I do think zebra is a neutral, but I'm not so sure a zebra sofa is so neutral. ;-)

  2. Thanks for the shout out!

    Oh yeah...Zebra is a neutral just as much as leopard. See, black is a neutral and of course so is white, which by default makes zebra neutral. Your photos prove it. But only faux zebra...the real thing would not be a good thing to do!

    As far as publishing my 'list', well it's certainly something I've thought about. Probably would need to clean it up a bit though...and somethings might need a little explanation!

  3. Great post!! Your photos definitely prove that zebra can be a neutral - but I agree with the first comment...zebra sofa is pretty daringly non-neutral :) I think it's the organic look it has -- zebra seems much more neutral to me than a black and white striped pillow/rug/couch/print.

  4. Such a good point. I wonder though if it's a neutral because it's used so much lately? Are we too accustomed to seeing it? I've often considering getting a hide rug but worry about this...has it been overdone?


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