Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seasonal decorating

I was thinking yesterday that my favorite living room looks a bit like a winter room with those dark paneled walls and brown chesterfield, and it got me thinking about seasonal decorating.  No, I'm not talking about dressing up the house for holidays (which I don't do anyway), but the way certain rooms can evoke a season: beachy white and airy linen feels summery, while wool paired with velvet and nailhead feels a bit wintery.

I'm working on a guest room and we're taking the inspiration from this painting (which will be reframed).

The lavender, coral, orange and green feels like spring to me, , and I'm glad we're working on it in the spring, when all the store collections will be in synch with a spring scheme.

I'm thinking a lavender block-printed quilt:

Layered over a soft, ruffle-edged duvet:

And maybe some ikat on an accent pillow

Probably some mirrored side tables:

Feminine, a little bit glamorous, and fresh.

This is not a summery house, though.  While it is a california contemporary in architecture, with lots of light wood, the decorating style is updated traditional, with some very elegant pieces--think Barbara Barry--chinoiserie antiques, lots of contemporary art, and some more ornate pieces, like a giant rococo mirror in the entry.

So while I am tempted to do the headboard in tufted lavender linen, with a breezy, open weave white curtain, we may take the sense of spring down a notch, and do grey velvet with nailhead on the headboard, and a shimmery lavendar silk for the drapes.

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  1. Sounds like a great plan. I love the idea of a grey velvet headboard. Make sure to let us see the after.


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