Monday, May 2, 2011

Maskros Gone Gold

Lately I have been staring at the Ikea Maskros light fixture in my dining room and willing it to be something else.  Don't get me wrong: I love it.  It's just, everyone has it.  Which I don't always mind.  And which was to be expected--I mean, a giant statement fixture for just $89?  What's not to like.  Ally at From The Right Bank posted recently about her own dining room find and the general trepidation of buying something you think will wind up everywhere, and it got me thinking: DO I care?  WHY do I care?

Meanwhile, the thing is WHITE.  Which at first I loved.  And my girls say it looks like snow, a giant snowball.  But as things come together in the house, it feels a bit TOO white.

And I got to wondering if I could spray it gold.  Or even spray the outsides of the "flowers" gold and the backs black for a whole lot of depth.  Or just tip the edges of each flower, so it would be white flecked with gold.  Only problem:  while only $89, I know my husband would blow a gasket if I ruined a perfectly good chandelier and had to buy another one.  And he would not be wrong in these feelings.

But then someone else did it first.  I saw the photos. I got my answer: Yes!  Yes!  Yes!

Whose gorgeous house is this, you ask?  None other than textile designer Amy Butler.  Check out the full house tour on Apartment Therapy.  I have to say, while I think Butler is lovely, her style is a but sweet for me, so I was surprised to find the main living spaces in her house to be so appealing.  Edgier than I would have expected.  It doesn't hurt that it is a huge mid-century house on a hill with all kinds of original details--wait till you see the front door.

Now, I have no qualms about being a copier.  Especially in this case, since I thought it up before I saw it done (though I appreciate a pioneer showing the way).  But:  will THIS version be everywhere?

Maybe I should go back to that birdcage I was thinking of wiring.  Except.  Aren't you seeing birdcages all over the place?

Perhaps I should just stop looking at Shelter mags.  Then I could go back to thinking I was a genius, all full up of original ideas.  A genius, I tell you.


  1. I KNOW! I have been tormented too by the recent painted maskros. Mmmmm.... do I really want to take that big boy down? But lighting and spray paint are like my two favorite things.
    Thats the conversation that rolls through my head daily. I think I should just pass on it. Go back to genius mode and come up with something even cooler girl! I know you got it in you, make a birdcage maskros.

  2. That's the problem with being a blogger. There's so much going on that we never feel like we have a unique idea. I say go for it and let other bloggers post about your great design. Love Amy Butler's house!!

  3. Wow, the gold really takes it to a whole new level. Do it - we already know the genius that is you!!!

  4. I hear you. I'm always concerned when I love something but worry if it's over exposed, then I realize over exposed in the design and blog world is very different from the real world...keep the fixture...and painting it could be interesting...good luck...

  5. i love the fixture either way. i don't think there is an original thought left out there. is there? everything old is new again and everything new is old. i think we just have to choose whatever it is that doesn't give us a headache. at least that's my decorating motto.

  6. I so "get" your concern. I have the Ikea Knappa in our living room, and I ADORE it. I will never be able to afford a real artichoke pendant, so this will have to do. That said, I was watching a show from around 5 years ago, and there was a scene inside a slacker kid's dorm room. You can guess which pendant lamp was in it. And I thought, wait, someone saw this and thought, "Yes, I will use this in the set because this screams slacker college kid" and I was a little bit hurt. :)
    Also totally shocked by Amy Butler's house. Who knew she was so cool? Where are the florals?

  7. Yes you should get credit! I think it's a fabulous idea. And it would be better to try something and risk ruining it than keep staring at it and thinking how much you wish you could change it! Would love to see how it turns out!

  8. What paint did you use? And did you use a brush or spray paint it? Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  9. Hi Lisa,
    In the end I didn't paint mine, and I'm actually now really liking the white. Not sure what Amy Butler used for hers, but Jenny over at Little Green Notebook made hers over, and probably shares sources in terms of the paint she used--go check it out!



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