Friday, May 6, 2011

Flashback Friday: Temporary Girls Room

Love That Space: Boulder, CO, 2009-2010

The Look:  Dressed Up Big Box

The Elements:  Simple quilts, plastic storage, canvas bags, "princess" netting, stokke crib, wrought iron Ikea floor lamp....

The Huh? Factor: ...Original art?  There's Prairie Mona Lisa, by Frank Buffalo Hyde, Dreams Are Real, by Jacqueline Rochester, and a fashion illustration by a local Minneapolis artist.  While I loved having these pieces in the girls' room, looking back, the oils do seem like a bit much with all that plastic Target crap.  The art cost more than the rest of the room combined, and it shows!

The Analysis:  We moved to Boulder for my husband to go to school to become a Rolfer (it's a kind of bodywork--you can read about it here.)  We rented a sweet, TINY house, put half our stuff in storage, and left a bunch of furniture back in NY to stage our house, which had not QUITE sold by the time we moved.  Ugh.  Just thinking back to that stresses me out.  After much deliberation, we decided to put the girls in one room so we could have an office/guest room, and it was such a great decision.  The little one struggled with the move and all that change, and it was great for her to be with her big sister.  Our older daughter's one and only request was a Princess bed, just like her best friend back in Brooklyn.  I bought the netting at Ikea before we headed cross country.  We couldn't paint, couldn't do anything permanent, but I have to say, I kind of loved this sweet, plain little room.  It was right across from the kitchen, so the girls could play in sight while I made dinner.

What Remains:  Surprisingly, almost nothing!  Well, at least almost nothing is out in use.  The fashion illustration is in the guest room, the canvas storage bins are in the girls new room, and the plastic bins are in various closets.  The oil paintings are in storage--though I may find the right spot for at least the smaller one--the netting is in the basement, and the stokke crib went off to my nephew.  I didn't mean for the room to be quite SO temporary, but I jumped at the chance to really DO their room once we settled into this house.

So tell me, if you have kids, how do you approach decorating their rooms?

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