Monday, May 16, 2011


Well, that was more of a hiatus than intended.
Blogger issues + personal computer issues = 4 days off, plus one late post.

But here I am, ready to say that I have always been quite taken by Phillip Jeffries wallpapers, and while it is usually the Voyage collection that I drool over (hand block-printed natural textured wallcoverings), I'm kind of digging the harder edge to the new line, Rivets.

I love both the different metal finishes and the textural backgrounds, but it is a lot of look.  Instead of all-over rivet madness, how about just a finishing detail?

I love the nailhead trim along the ceiling line in this room by Joseph Minton.

Okay, there's lots of cool stuff to see in this image, like the amazing crown molding in the hallway and the details on that mirror.

Come closer.

There it is.

These walls (and ceiling) are upholstered, making this trim a good way to finish the seams, but you could simply trim out painted walls in a coordinating trim, and finish with overscale nailhead.  What a nice way to bring an edge to your walls, especially if you don't have moldings.

Of course, I'm still dying to upholster a room.  Or at least my guestroom ceiling.

See you tomorrow!


  1. That looks amazing. I think that would be a great look but a great big undertaking as well.

  2. Love it.
    I have a lot of custom furniture with nailhead trim. But I've done it a little different than usually expected. Most is black leather with brushed antique silver's quite nice.


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