Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Double Take

I sat up and paid attention when I saw Frederic Malle's house in Architectural Digest the other day, and particularly this breakfast room with those amazing, HUGE, Robert Longo lithographs behind Malle and his adorable family.

 [Architectural Digest]

The next day, I did a double take when I spied a similar set on an Apartment Therapy house tour.

[Apartment Therapy]

Now, these are images of people in distress (some are titled "Final Life"), but I gotta say, they kind of look like they're dancing.  Sticky subject matter aside,  I love the way these pieces immediately give so much energy and dynamism to both spaces--if I was lucky enough to have these, I would just sit and stare at them all day.

The pair in the Apartment Therapy House Tour aren't credited, so I can't be positive that they are also Longo, though really, they must be.  This series, Men In The Cities, is incredible--the originals, created mostly in 1979 and 1980, are large scale, graphite on paper, and in the collections of some very heavy hitters.  See them all here.  Oh, and how about a recent installation shot?  Here are three in the Met in 2009.

Installation View - "The Pictures Generation"


And how about some more art inspiration?  While trying to pin down a credit in that loft, I took a gander at the designer's website, Younger and Ziskin, checked out their blog, and immediately fell in love with their "Art of the Day" feature.  Go check it out here.

So.  What about you?  Do you surround yourself by art?  Any pieces you stare at all day?

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