Friday, July 1, 2011

Reader Design Dilemma: Recalled Crib

Rachel writes to me with a recalled crib.  She doesn't want to use it as a crib or donate it (for safety concerns), but she also thinks it's kind of wasteful to kick it to the curb.  Instead, she'd like to repurpose it.  Here's the crib:

Sort of standard issue, in natural.  (and pictures online are apparently available in two sizes: teeny, and tiny.)

My best idea for this is the most obvious (sometimes the simplest solution is best, no?).  This is a convertible crib, which means it is built to also function as a daybed.  Like so.

I would make a few little alterations and use this, daybed style, as a little kiddo couch.  Cut down the legs, ditch the bumper and replace it with some cute graphic throw pillows, sew a slip cover for the mattress, preferably out of ticking, or make one of these custom boyos a la Lauren Liess's window seat in the DC show house (I love that she stacked three.  So Princess and the Pea),

Or use a pair of floor pillows like I did in my stupendously amazing graphic design job of a mock up

Day bed

(I know, you're super impressed).  Or, heck, just use a cute sheet.

You could put it in a little nook with book bins or a wall mounted book shelf nearby.  Maybe a clip on light on the higher part of the arms.

But maybe Rachel has already thought of this, and would like a little more.

Hoe about turning it into a playhouse?  Kind of like this:

I would use the crib, again, in daybed mode, suspend a hoop from the ceiling, mosquito net style, only instead of netting use some burlap or cotton duck (you know, cheap and durable) and drape it over the side arms, kind of like this.

Or this

(Hey look: ticking!)

Or this (only sideways).

Now, i wouldn't go that themey in an actual bedroom, but how cute to have cowboys and indians fabric, especially if you let it drape over the whole bed,  teepee style?  Like a blanket-and-chairs fort, only better.

Not doing it for you?  How about taking the casters off and using it as a gated step stool in the kitchen.  Like one of these.

Now, I have to admit, these plans are not feeling very creative.  So I did some looking around the interwebs, and I found LOTS of repurposed crib project.  The best round ups are here and here.  Here's the thing, though.  Lots of the projects I came across used pretty spindles from a Jenny Lind-style crib to create all manner of things: table legs, a plate rack, a bench.  Or they use the metal springs from the base of the crib, which, I'll come right out and say it, I am totally against.  This Alpha Crib just isn't that interesting, and I actually do think it's best value is in using it as a whole, not breaking it down into plain old slats of wood or other parts.

Which brings me back to my simplest, obvious solution: daybed toddler couch.

Well.  You guys are more creative than I am.  Anyone out there have a better idea?  Please share it so we can pass it along to Rachel!


  1. I really love that yellow one with the mirror. We have a crib just sitting in the basement, so I might have to try something like this for one of the girls' rooms.

  2. Wow, so awesome to see this post realized. Thanks Heather!! We may just go for that toddler couch option.

  3. We have friends who used the slatted sides and some of the head and foot sides to make a Christmas tree "fence". Toddlers can hold on to the almost-picket-fence looking fence and love the tree without grabbing the glass ornaments and other scarey stuff. Keeps the dog out too.


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