Monday, July 18, 2011

Gust Post: Three Design Rules from Modern 24/7

I'm thrilled to have another guest blogger today, the lovely Elizabeth from Modern 24/7.  This girl has exquisite taste, runs a design showroom in New Orleans, and does a little design of her own--take a look here to check out one of my favorite nurseries of all time.  And she did it on a budget--a girl after my own heart.  Without further ado, Elizabeth.

Hi! E here from Modern 24/7. I am so jealous of Heather's trip to my old stomping grounds in NY! But while she is gone I will be happy to fill you in on three design rules that I live by. Let me start by saying that I don't believe in most design rules, so the mottoes I live by mostly encourage you to follow the beat of your own drum. If we all followed the same rules we would all have the same houses - boring!

1. Opposites Attract

When I am choosing a new piece for a space I ask myself what material, style, texture, color or era of design the surrounding pieces are in - and I pick the exact opposite. For example, the console in this picture is sort of Louis XVI, very ornate, carved and antique. It has tons of texture and history. The art leaning on it is super contemporary and clean - only black and white with a hard geometric pattern. Opposites that look great together!

2. Inject something humorous and unexpected

[Unknown--if anyone has source info, please let us know!]

The disco ball in this gorgeous living room is totally unexpected, a little bit playful, and absolutely perfect.

3. Do your own work

[via Elizabeth Sullivan Design]

There is nothing better than creating a one of a kind piece of art for your space. Also, you get the best deals on furniture that needs to be painted, reupholstered, or reworked. You can save money and have something that no one else has. All you need is time and creativity. In this photo of my sofa, I did the painting myself inspired by an artist that I loved.

Thanks for having me, Heather! Have a great trip... Happy Decorating, everyone!

For more great ideas, go check out Elizabeth's blog, and don't miss her giveaway, going on now.  And while we're on the subject, make sure to enter my Shabby Apple giveaway for the chance to win an adorable dress--only two days left!

Tomorrow is my last day in NYC, with one more guest poster sharing three design rules she lives by.  Be sure to heck back!


  1. I'm a huge Elizabeth fan/stalker/bestie and she doesn't fail to amaze me with her design acumen! The photos are showing up though :(

  2. Great advice. I'm glad to be introduced to another great blog. Off to see her now:)

  3. Thanks for having me, Heather! I notice that the pics aren't showing up so I will copy this post over to my own blog...

  4. I hope we get to see your pics, but the text is really enough - have fun with your space, right? Inject something unique, unexpected and personal into it. Great post, Elizabeth.


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