Friday, July 15, 2011

Guest Post: Design Rules from 10 Rooms

Are you ready for the first in my little mini series, three design rules from three of my favorite bloggers?  I know I am.  First up, Anne Marie from 10 Rooms.  Anne-Marie is a color expert.  I swear, her post on choosing whites is a regular reference for me: you must check it out, here.  She's also a french speaker, a Canadian, the host to blog series "Crushing on Color," and the creator of one of my favorite blog banner out there.

Without further ado, I give you Anne-Marie.

10 Rooms

First of all, thanks so much Heather, for having me over! 
I hope you are having a fantastic time in the Big Apple...
and I hope you'll share a little of your experience when you return so we can live vicariously through you :)

You've asked us for design rules, but since color is my thing,
 I thought perhaps I a few of my most basic color rules may be in order...

#1 The numero uno rule: work with the colors that you love.

This sounds simple, but so many people are living with color that they don't actually like.
You have to ask yourself: what color makes you happy? 
Does pink make your heart do double flips?

Just because pink is not a traditional choice for decor doesn't mean you should pass it up.
Your home doesn't have to please the neighbours, or magazine design editors, or your Mother-in-Law!
Just you and your family. So use what YOU love!

#2 Consider your space.

Your home's architecture sets a stage, and your home will shine when you embrace the architecture and make design choices that highlight the best features in your space, and enhance everything else....
Again, this sounds simple, but filling a terracotta tiled space with black leather doesn't transform it into the city loft you are dreaming of..

but a bit of city might be perfect...

or perhaps no city at all..

#3 Consider the atmosphere your color choices create..

Color is one of the simplest ways to create a "feel" in your home. 
We all know red is stimulating, 

and green rejuvenating, 

but what happens when we place a red sofa against a green wall?

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Complementary combinations of color are lively and create contrast, because they intensify each other.

You have to consider the effect the colors will have on each other, 
as well as how they make you feel individually,
 to best choose a harmonious color scheme 
with the right amount of visual stimulation for your space.

There's so much to think about when choosing color for your design.
I've been working with color for years and still learn new things all the time!
But these three considerations are the basics, and using them you're off to a really good start.

Thanks again for having me over, Heather,
and I'm looking forward to you heading over to 10 Rooms when I'm off adventuring :)

x Anne-Marie

Thank you Anne-Marie!  Can't wait to crush on color with you soon.  As for the rest of you, go visit Anne-Marie and tell her I sent you, and don't forget to enter my Shabby Apple Giveaway!


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  1. Those are some of my fave spaces ever - great post!
    -e (

  2. Thanks for having me Heather, hope you are having a fabulous trip! x

  3. I love your advice on using colour (s) you love.

    I am not afraid to inject colour and I truly beleive that we should decorate for ourselves and not others. Where I find difficulty is in trying to mesh the many different styles I like, together. Does that make sense? You touched on that subject here too and would love for you to elaborate more when you feel up to it.

    Thanks for an excellent article Anne-Marie.

  4. Great advice Anne Marie. It's so true that working with your architecture will make a good design. Just like we can't fight our body shape, we also can't fight our home's architecture:)

  5. What a wonderful post! Anne-Marie is the best. I also refer to her "how to choose white" post often. Love this series! I hope you're loving your vacation!

  6. love that black/white kitchen...heading straight to my inspiration file

    now scoot on over for an art giveaway!


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