Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Textured Wallcoverings

So. The dining room accent wall. There was a months-long search for just the right wallpaper, but meanwhile I made other decisions. Ceramic hex tile for the kitchen backsplash. A graphic chevron runner from Nate Berkus for the kitchen floor. A huge chandelier. All that bold, graphic pattern changed things, and the accent wall can no longer take on a pattern. It needs texture. Warmth.

In a word: Grasscloth.

I've always been a fan. And the blogosphere is burning up with its triumphant return. And I will probably go with it--maybe in a metallic for a little bling, though maybe in an olivey green close to the curtain color to enclose the room. Rummaging through some folders tonight, I came across a stack of images that had been misfiled; apparently this is not the first time I have had textured wallcovering on the brain.


A faux-leather treatment, unexpected in green.

[via House Beautiful; design Nestor Santa-Cruz]

Farrow and Ball drag wallpaper, in yummy colors.

[all images House Beautiful; Design: Jean-Louis Deniot]

Raffia. More structured than the grasscloth, less "strawlike" (my husband's term. Do you think he is pro grasscloth, or against?)

[House Beautiful; design: Jean-Louis Deniot]

Phillip Jeffries Zebra Grass.

[House Beautiful; design: Thom Filicia]

And--oh, okay--grasscloth. In the most gorgeous blue. Maybe this is why I've also been lusting after blue grasscloth (in lieu of paint) in the guestroom.

[House Beautiful; design: Peter Frank]


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  1. I like grasscloth, but have you looked into anaglypta if you're encountering too much opposition? It's textured wallpaper that is meant to be painted. I think it's rather old-school.


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