Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Airing My Dirty Laundry

You know how sometimes you just stop seeing a mess that is right in front of you? (Much harder when you're blogging, let me tell you! Any time I go to take a casual picture, the dust, or stains, or crumbs, or toys all come into sharp focus). And then sometimes, all of a sudden, you can see it again?

That's what just happened to me with my laundry room. It's upstairs, and most of the time I'm downstairs, except when I'm putting the girls to bed and then it's dark. Well, I just went up there to get something, and walking by the open door, I saw this.

Oh my gosh. Can you believe I just shared that on the internets? It's appalling, I know. Especially since we actually have space in there, both surface and storage. And because my laundry rooms have typically been in the unfinished basement (or, in Colorado, in the kitchen), I've never given much thought to decorating them as their own space. But the blogosphere is doing it. Yup, you can follow Nicole's very nice basement laundry room redo on Making it Lovely. Pretty soon, I think Jenny will share an after, possibly based on this inspiration photo. My laundry room is getting an inferiority complex.

Suffice it to say that there will be no major renovating--the fixtures, cabinets, etc are new and coordinate with the rest of the house. But there is this Nice. Big. Wall.

And the room is sort of tucked away and private, which to me means it can be more personal, less finished than other parts of the house. I have two thoughts on what to do here.

One would be to wallpaper with one of these awesome "frames" wallpapers and use it to tape up family photos (we're not much of a family photo kind of a family, and I think it would be nice to incorporate more snapshots somewhere.)

[via Home Workshop; paper also available from Urban Outfitters]

Come to think of it, I could make my own stencil or free-hand paint frames on the wall for a similar effect.

The second idea comes from that magazine stash from my Mother in law. Her son, my husband, happens to be a collector of T-shirts, and, as a T-shirt kind of a guy, he wears a lot of them. But he also has a vintage collection that is no longer fit to wear, but too "good" to get rid of. I love this idea to stretch them over canvases (or stretchers) of equal sizes, and hang them in a grid covering this whole wall, like they did in My Home My Style, only to the max.

Like, maybe 5 high by 6 wide?

Kind of like a new take on those LP-covered walls that you may or may not have had in college, depending on how much younger you are than me. When I asked the hubs how he felt about this, his response was "t-shirts in a laundry room. Well, I guess that makes sense." Which was a greater vote of confidence than I sometimes get for my hare-brained schemes.

I have to price out stretchers to see if one of these projects is vastly cheaper than the other, but if it's all kind of same same, let me know which you like more, and we'll see if I can get sign off from the CFO.


  1. You're awesome for "keeping it real." My bedroom looks like your laundry room. ; )

    I love the wallpaper with frames -- it's great for a laundry room space! So fun.

  2. Ah! Good to know I'm not alone. I have been wanting to post "the rest of the story" pics of my house. When ever I get immersed in a project (like always) the rest of my house goes to hell. I always have one clean "finished" room and the rest looks like a bomb went off.
    Just finished folding 5 baskets of laundry because I really needed to find my bed. I need me an Alice!

  3. That picture looks all too familiar. This is what my whole house looks like!

    Ages ago I was at a Lichtenstein show in London and saw this and thought it would be great, especially giant-sized, in a laundry room. I didn't buy the print at the show, as I remember it was too pricey. I haven't really thought about it, or my laundry room, since. It might be time for me to hop online and make it happen, finally. :D

  4. Oh my gosh, Renee, I LOVE that! I've never seen it before. I bet you could use a projector to paint it on the wall, really big, or you could blow it up at kinkos and wallpaper it on. Fun project......!


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