Sunday, March 27, 2011


I spent the past week painting the guest room navy. "Peaceful Night," actually, which seemed very fitting for a bedroom. It took four coats. FOUR. One coat of tinted primer and three coats of paint, and by the fourth pass on the fourth wall, I found myself cursing Behr and feeling a little persecuted for forsaking my main man Benjamin Moore.

But it's done. As we were moving the furniture back in, I made a confession to my husband. He was helping me hang this mirror, seen here "before,"

and I said: "You know, this mirror is the real reason I wanted to paint this room navy." (bleached wood on khaki wall = sad beige world. As if it needed explanation).

There was a slightly stunned silence. I had, after all, just painted for three days, culminating in a 2-coat marathon that ended at 1 am.

And then he asked, "How much did this mirror cost?"

And I told him. It was on clearance at Home Goods and cost $29. Except I had a gift card, so I actually didn't pay real money for it.

"And how much did the paint cost?" He asked.

"Well," I said. "Seventy-five dollars. But that's not the point."

And then he looked at me like I had finally, truly, gone insane.

Of course, this is not a simple equation, and in the end I didn't paint an entire room to make a "free" mirror work; it's more that the mirror inspired the next step in the room. We all know that this decorating madness is like dominoes. So I wonder: what was your craziest reason for a major decorating endeavor? Do tell. Please.

And speaking of dominoes, when I finished the room, my four year old walked in and asked, "Mommy, why didn't you paint the ceiling?"



  1. This seems perfectly reasonable to me! Then again, I just had to make an expense-related speech to my husband, who didn't understand how I just went online and spent $100 on a decent set of sheets and a mattress pad, when we already own a set of sheets and a mattress pad. There's no justifying against logic like this.
    I hope you post an "after" photo soon! I bet that mirror looks gorgeous on a navy wall!

  2. I have dark blue almost black walls and believes it or not I used cheap paint from lowes. Olympic and only took to coats without primer. True story. And if it makes you feel better i've painted almost every room in our house at least four times. Behr, valspar, glidden and olympic. At first my husband wanted to murder me now he's like whatever just prime before you paint. Great deal on the mirror. Btw dark walls get super dusty hope your ready to dust your walls.


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