Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Or, if you want to spend a lot of money on handmade paper art

You could buy it from West Elm.

Theirs is lovely, and the intricacy does make it seem expensive, but for $179, I think I'd stick to the $6.00 ones from the art supply store (my favorite, here) and a good old Ikea frame, and use the leftover cash to procure a ping pong table from craiglist. Because that's how big the price difference is.

Actually, my husband just did buy a ping pong table, after first getting all heartbroken when he missed out on a few--those things move fast. My little brother came over last night to help get the thing downstairs, and for a minute there it didn't look like it was going to make it through the door. And I had visions of this in the dining room:

[photo: Jessica Antola for the Wall Street Journal. See entire slide show here.]

But without an eat in kitchen, we actually need to use that space for, you know, eating. And unlike Jonathan Adler's partner Simon Doonan, I don't think MY husband would allow me to wallpaper or otherwise recover the ping pong table that he just bought. Luckily, with only a handful of power tools, the table made its way into our huge unfinished basement, which is now somehow all full up.

I see a search in my browser's google search bar that says "best beginner ping pong paddles." So that's sweet. And then I suppose we could use some his-and-hers needlepoint ping pong paddle covers, courtesy of Mr. Adler himself.
[special edition available at Kirna Zabete]

But then, since the pink and orange one is $176 all by itself, that would bring us full circle on the whole saving money on art store paper thing, wouldn't it.

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  1. My husband wanted a ping pong table a while back as well but they all look to fug, so I suggested we buy some wood and two DOCKSTA tables use the base only and mirror the wood top. Great idea! Until we asked ourselves how the f*ck we would get it out the door if we ever moved. Still want one.


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