Sunday, March 20, 2011

A design collaboration I can get behind

I love Missoni. Love, love, love. Always have, always will. You might ask why they need to adorn Pellegrino bottles with their signature chevron, but who cares? It's pretty.

How sweet is it that Dave picked this up for me? Like flowers, only better.

Also, I guess I never shared an "after" of the kitchen backsplash (the before is here.) Behold.


  1. where did you find that? I need one!

  2. My husband brought it home from his job at Whole Foods. Aren't they great?

  3. I wanted to tell you I just found your blog and love it. Well done!

  4. LOVE Chevron. Did you see this?
    Full of DIY project potential.

  5. I looked for these last time at was at Whole Foods but nada, mine dont carry them. I'm a sucker for a pretty bottle. If you can count Jack Daniels as pretty. My bar is lame.


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