Friday, March 4, 2011

Caution: Art Wall in Progress

To be honest, I was feeling a little reluctant to create a second full-scale art wall in the house. This one is already a major statement in the office (more on that here)

but the truth is we have lots of little pieces and lots of BIG blank walls, so you do the math. Typically, if someone insisted on two (or more) gallery walls in one house, I would recommend two different styles. Probably one more free form like my office and one sort of regimented, a big grid of matching frames. But I don't have the pieces for that. So I suppose I'll have to settle on one wildy colorful and one mostly black and white.


I got things all mocked up in the master bedroom, and asked my husband to approve the layout before I got to putting all those nails in the walls.

(I decided to incorporate the floor lamp, and keep things high enough to accommodate a possible future occasional table between the chairs.)

You know what he said? He likes it just like this. Brown paper, blue tape.

He is more avant garde than I.

I can see from these photos that I need to adjust the spacing just a bit. Probably just as well: I try to hold off on hammering while the kids are asleep.


  1. So far, so far as art walls in a home, more the merrier!

  2. I think the lay out looks great. Can't wait to see the actual art you have chosen. Mom


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