Thursday, March 10, 2011


The girls' room is featured over at Gorgeous Shiny Things today.
Danika is a master DIYer, from faux-marble on her countertops to a hand-made stencil mimicking some not-affordable wallpaper, she does it all.

Plus, she's an awesome supporter of new bloggers, and she was my first "follower" who I don't know personally.

Show her the love and check out her blog!

Thanks Danika!


  1. I agree Danika is a superawesomeniceperson I'm fairly new as well and my content is a little edgy not for everybody yet she still gave me the time of day. Grateful. Left a comment on your girls room on her blog. Im jealous of the egg chair. Overall you did a great job on their room love the color combo and I'm usually not a red person but in the room it looks awesome!

  2. I discovered your blog from Danika's site. I love the girls' bedroom! The symmetry is fun, not stuffy, and that campaign dresser is fab! I find your map walls inspiring and can't wait to see what else you have up your stylish sleeve :)


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