Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Original

When we were moving things around in the basement the other day to accommodate the ping pong table, I rediscovered this.

It's the top portion of a hutch that belonged to my grandmother. I believe this was in her living room in the 70s and it strikes me, as people the blogosphere over are papering secretaries with paper just like this, that it is yet another, though less-obvious way that we are influenced by the decade of our youth.

This hutch sat in a room with acres of kelly green wall to wall carpeting, a 10-foot, low slung white sofa flanked by two pairs of white boudoir chairs, gold leaf regency sconces, and little brass and malachite figurines. The adjoining powder room had yellow flock wallpaper and ornate brass fixtures. My grandmother had major style.

We were not exactly allowed in those rooms. They were influential, to say the least. I wish I had a picture, though I suspect it is even better in my memory.


  1. Are you going to use it? Love the green.

  2. I probably won't use it in this house--though I love the green and gold, too. Our current house is a bigger scale than any we've been in before, and much more modern. This guy would get a bit swallowed up!


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