Saturday, March 5, 2011

Coffee table swap out, just in time

It seems fitting, somehow, that I picked up a new (to me) coffee table the very day I saw my beloved mid-century extension coffee table, above, knocked off by Crate and Barrel. I bought mine at the 26th street flea market a decade ago, before that parking lot became luxury apartment towers, and I think I paid close to $300--a major investment for me at the time. Well, and still. It has faithfully supported countless feet, piles of magazines, wine glasses and coffee mugs for all these years, but it was never the right shape for this current living room. I had just resigned myself to sticking with it (as the budget runs out), and had even picked up some restore a finish to reverse some of my decade's worth of use and that of untold owners before.


I was at Blick art supply picking up a projector to get the continents on the walls of Oliver's nursery and it turns out there is a home consignment store next door. I saw this puppy for $29, and would have bought it on the spot if it could have fit in the car with my kids and the load of cheerios and diapers from costco.

It was still there when I went back yesterday. Considering that the hubs says it looks like something from his 94 year old grandmother's house, I suppose there was low risk of losing it to another shopper. But who knows, someone else could have spotted this one, made over to perfection, over at the eagle's nest, and got some ideas into their heads, too.

The intricate detailing on the side of hers is far superior, I must admit, but I love the octagon shape.

It's the perfect size and shape for the living room, but the glass top is not particularly practical when you live with a 2 1/2 year old with a penchant for climbing onto and jumping off of furniture. So it's on a trial basis. The girls and I had a talk about it this morning, and hopefully they will listen to me for once. (When I say "the girls," do you hear Stacy of Stacy and Clinton talking about breasts? Just curious.)

I am thinking that it wants to be black, trimmed out in gold. Other ideas?

Meanwhile, beloved old coffee table. Enjoy the slower pace of retirement in the basement den, where you will rest most of the week and only occasionally host a game of Candyland. You have served us well.

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