Friday, August 23, 2013


Many of you told me, in comments here or off-line, that you found this post "refreshing."  I'm so glad!  I always like to know that I'm not alone, no matter what it is that's getting me down.  I guess it's just human to want to know there are others out there having similar experiences, whether it is serious business or, oh, just decorating.

I'll try not to make you regret it by sharing some of my other "decision making" from last week.  Like so:

Should the girls room just have solid orange headboards?  Does the orange need a little black edge?

Also, okay, leopard.  But which one?

(This is a particularly stupid exercise, because this choice is all about the color and the density of the pattern, both of which can be WAY wrong based on on-line images.  I am calling in samples, but I am impatient.)

(Also, I do not own a Donald Baechler artwork as seen above, but I would like to.  I have this crazy notion that I will do something similar with my TV-covering artwork, but I will refer you back to my recent fail.)

As an aside, there are all kinds of ways to mock up your ideas.  Today I cut up a bunch of post it notes to figure out if my FLOR plan was going to work for this nursery.  This is what I sent my client:

with a note that read:  offset stripe mocked up in neon post its.  But it would be grey and cream.

By the way, the folder that these mock ups reside in is called "crazytown planning."  So yes, I do know.

Anyway.  Do you have any half-made decisions you would like to share?



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  1. looks pretty good! I would like to see the after picture!!


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