Monday, August 26, 2013

Teensy Nursery: The final plan

Yup, we have a plan.  And none too soon, as baby is due September 5!  (These were earlier versions.)
I have been receiving dispatches from New Jersey, including a shot of the perfect dresser in the little niche (where once I dreamed of a built-in crib), and the paint treatment with that fabulous orange racing stripe!

I hit up the new(ish) FLOR store here in Minneapolis on Friday to find the perfect grey and white tiles to create the offset stripe rug, and I am psyched to use both the bookworm shelf and Debbie Carlos's kick-ass fireworks print in the same project.

The upholstered screen is an idea-in-progress to kill two birds with one stone: this tiny nursery was never meant to house a wee one, and the whole-house sound system is taking up one corner.  There is also no door, as this once-office is just off the second floor landing.  The idea is to create a hinged screen that swings to cover the sound system when anyone is in the room, and swings the other way to close off the space when baby boy is sleeping.  We'll see how it comes together....

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