Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Is there a clever title for a post about bedskirts?

I will admit: a bedskirt is generally not going to make or break a room.

That said, if you need to buy one, you might as well have options.  They can get super pricey, and since they often feel like the afterthought in the whole bedding scenario, it can be tough to sink the cash.

I am in the process of raising my girls' beds off the floor, which puts me in the market for ye olde dust ruffles.  (That's what we called them back in the old days when I was growing up.)  In truth, I would have just bought some straight-up white ones for $12.99 a piece at Target and called it a day, except after I did that I discovered that I needed an 18" drop, not the 14 or 15" drop that is more standard these days.  Research first, people.  This is the difference between client work and my own sad state of decor.

Anyway.  I found two online sources with bed skirts in many colors and, more importantly, many styles, none of which particularly break the bank.  Going with a solid neutral (white, ivory, or natural) gives you lots of options when you change up your bedding down the road.  Going with an upgrade in the type of skirt can give you tons more "look" while remaining versatile. has 37 styles to choose from.  37!  My favorites, for an upgrade from the standard pleat at the corner, include:

Box pleat


Voile has most of the same options, but they count the colors separately to get to 74.  In truth, they have most of the same options at shopbedding, plus these, which I love:

Box pleat with button


Don't you love online stores that just say what they are?  You want to shop for bedding, hit up  I bought a mantel direct from  It's really kind of brilliant.

If all else fails, DO buy the Target special, then add some trim, like I did here.

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  1. Maybe "Skirt the Issue" for a title?? Okay, so that's pretty goofy. Anyway, I agree. Bedskirts are often forgotten but necessary. I added greek key trim to my white one from Linens n Things. For my daughter whose bedding was already simple white with color border, I actually ordered an ikat one from Etsy (like an online workroom - wasn't real happy with them though). For the longest time, I didn't even need one or like them, but I've come around to them again.


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