Sunday, August 11, 2013

When the kids are away

My husband and I got out of town for a wedding this weekend (don't you LOVE a wedding photo booth?)  --and my in-laws picked up the kids and took them off to their farm for a week.


At the wedding, whenever anyone asked Dave what we were planning with the kids away, he said, with no small amount of false enthusiasm, "House Projects!"  And of course, this is true.  (Both the intention and his level of enthusiasm.)

Now, we both have other work to attend to this week, but I also have visions of completing many, MANY, long-unfinished projects.  Like painting the girls bathroom and re-making their headboards and maybe finally solving the problem of the upstairs hallway.

Let's hope for progress.  We also have a lot of less fun, less glamorous work to do around here, like organizing the storage under the basement stairs.

I'm not going to promise "after" shots at the moment, but I will share my continued inspirations along the way.

When you get a "free" week, you totally do house projects, right?

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