Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Don't know where to start? How about the palette

Sometimes I find a blank slate the hardest.

Where to begin?

If there is no piece to inspire the space (like the painting in this room or the rug that set the palette here), I like to choose a textile and then determine an overall color palette.

Take a fabric (or rug, bedding, artwork) with multiple colors and pull out your favorites.

Two schemes here, each read in a column.  Go for a mix of warm and cool, and throw in a neutral somewhere along the way.

This works with a two-tone fabric, too.

Again with the two schemes.  Repeat one of the tones (here, the aqua), ground it (the brown or grey), add a contrast (warm coral or pink to the cool blue),  and again with the neutral.

Easy peasy.

These are process excerpts from a new girls' room project where we are starting with the curtains.  It's going to be super cute!

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