Monday, April 23, 2012


This is what my basement looks like right now.

Off to install a bunch of headboards/back rests and other bits and pieces today--can't wait to see it all in the space!

I used to make headboards using an old hand held staple gun.  With lots of layers (like in a corner), the staples barely held, and I would always walk away with bruised hands.  A while back, my father in law gave us an air compressor, so after some research, my husband picked up a pneumatic staple gun for me.

Surebonder Pneumatic Staple Gun, Model 9600 | Buy Item# 259600 now for only $37.99

Since we already had the compressor, this was only a $40 investment, and it made these projects go much, much, MUCH faster, and the staples really hold on.  The end result is a much cleaner, more professional piece.

If you plan to take on some DIY upholstery, I can't recommend this highly enough!


  1. That headboard! Can't wait to see everything installed!

  2. Wait, how come you've never written about your awesome ping pong table before? Let me guess...Dave is ranked and you once bought him a Jake Spade, no scratch that, Paul Smith case for his paddles. So cool. And yes, upholstery looks gorge :)

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