Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lighten Up

This week I was contacted by a local writer working on a story about simple tips to refresh your home for summer.  I came up with a number of inexpensive and DIY projects, but I wanted to also offer something for those who may not be inclined to paint brushes and staple guns and who may find new throw pillows to be out of budget.  When I recently wrote about my itch for seasonal decorating, I mentioned swapping out wool rugs for lighter, natural materials.  Well, what about taking them out altogether?

To illustrate, I pulled the rug out of my daughters' room and snapped a picture.

I consider myself a staunch "rug person," but I'm kind of loving it.  So light!  So summery!  The big surprise? The girls love it too.  I could hear them upstairs banging and sliding around like they were on a slip n slide or at or a roller rink (says the child of the 70s) and tonight at bed they requested that it stay this way forever.  Not one to miss a "teachable moment," I agreed the bare floor could stay...until winter makes us yearn for warmth and softness under foot.

While I was at it, I stripped back the throw pillows and blankets and left things just plain white.  Now I'm thinking about ways I can edit back the layers in other spaces to get that seasonal look without spending a dime.

What do you think: easy breezy?  Or just unfinished?

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  1. I like the streamlined look. It's also easier to keep a bare floor clean!


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