Friday, April 13, 2012

DIY ideas from Store Displays

I've been really inspired by store displays lately.
Have I ever mentioned that I once wanted nothing more than to be a window dresser at ABC Carpet and Home?  This won't sound strange to any of you, but at the time I was Deputy Director of an arts non profit in New York, and I remember floating the idea to an older colleague who told me flat out that I was crazy.

I think it's the opportunity to use housewares as fantasy that is so appealing.  In the window, it doesn't matter if a couch is uncomfortable: it just has to be beautiful.  It doesn't matter that you "love it but couldn't live with it": living with it isn't the point.

Recently, I've found myself shopping a lot.  Mostly for clients, but also for some much-needed spring clothing for myself, and I've snapped a few picks wandering through "America's Mall" (as my 3 year old calls the Mall of America) and the smaller, more upscale Galleria.

I can't remember what these things are called, but I remember making them as a kid--probably at camp.  Overscale like this, they could be fun to fill an empty wall in a kids room.  (photo: Oh baby, Galleria)

Amazing (and clever) target made out of arrows at Louis Vuitton.  I love the idea of making a large-scale piece out of lots of little things.

A gallery wall at Urban Outiftters.  Do you see the two pieces on the left?  Love that the image is continuous from one to the next.

This chandelier was at an ice cream place--it's made up of colored plastic tasting spoons.  Makes me think of all the DIY chandeliers people are making these days.

Jumbo embroidery at Urban Outfitters.

Makes me think of this brilliant summer screen door embroidered by Abbey at Aesthetic Outburst.  Love both the idea and the painstaking execution.  If we remember to replace our storm doors with screens this year, maybe I will try something like this.



Have you been inspired by store displays lately?

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