Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Elevating a budget buy: it's all in the details

I often stop to marvel at all the accessible design choices we have nowadays.  When my mom and I did my bedroom in our new house 20 years ago, we had to have custom shams and bedskirts made because there simply weren't retail options.  Can you imagine?  Pre-West Elm, pre-Target "design for all," pre-Home Depot and Lowes in every town.  While I do occasionally lament the effect of big box stores on the mom and pop landscape, it's hard to deny the convenience and low prices that have come from their proliferation.

It also means there is more and more to buy that has the look, but lacks the quality.  While you can't fake actual quality, you can elevate an inexpensive piece.  It's all in the details.

I have been slowly redoing my afore-mentioned bedroom in my parents' house.  We replaced a pair of mismatched bamboo and rattan tables with these little mirrored side tables from Target for $89 each.

The only problem?  Those mass market silver knobs make them look like we paid $89 each.  Crystal knobs to the rescue!

(You can see the old custom bedskirt peeking out.  Amazingly, the color palette of minty green and peach--not to mention the splattery pattern--is making a comeback.  I'm tempted to keep it in the new scheme).

Crystal knobs, about 5 smackeroos at the Brass Handle.

Small change, big change.  Know what I mean?

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