Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Funky fresh bedroom

It's spring break for my girls, and my in-laws have been with us since Friday, hence the sporadic posting.  Things may be a little light the rest of the week as I try to remember how to be a present parent rather than an always-working mama.  Good goal, as my kids are calling for help with their giant drawings right now, and I have asked for "just a minute"!

Yesterday I put together a number of bedroom looks for a new client with an amazing mid-century house full of huge windows and...a bunch of mission furniture leftover from their previous craftsman bungalow.  The goal is to reflect the era of the house in a fresh, modern way.  The golden color is existing on the walls, and we're planning to keep it.

This is my fave.

We'e looking for a pair of midcentury dressers, so those are missing here.

It's different for me, but I'm loving the mix of masculine/feminine, shiny/matte, warm/cool.  I would move right in!

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