Monday, April 2, 2012

Trend spotting at Home Goods

My in-laws are in town from Illinois, where they live in the country surrounding a small town.  My mother in law is an avid reader and follows some of the decorating shows on HGTV.  One of the activities on her list was a visit to Home Goods.  Not so much to shop as to see what it was about.

Yesterday we hit up the Eden Prairie location (for you locals), one of the biggest in the Twin Cities metro area, and a stand alone from TJ Maxx.  I was looking for a couple of things for client projects, though I find that they rarely have just what you are looking for.  I always think it's fun to see which trends are trickling down.  sometimes I think they're right on, and sometimes I sort of scratch my head at their choices.

These Arteriors-inspired table lamps are great--I almost snatched them up myself for my girls room.

Still loving Moroccan tables.  In fact, I just painted my own vintage one.  I'll show you soon.

Grasscloth-wrapped furniture.

These Thomas Paul fabrics are popping up everywhere, but I still love them for their large scale and bold designs.  These pillows cost less than a yard of the fabric for Duralee.

Chevron still going strong.

Then there are the rugs.

Ikat seem to be everywhere, and while I am a fan of these, I think you would get tired of them--fast.  Put it on a pillow instead!

I was surprised to see and overdyed specimin.  Looks good, and it's super cheap--but don't step on it.  The thing that's so special about the real overdyed rugs is that the rugs themselves are good quality (if not in great shape) and you can feel it in the yard.  This one feels like the plastic it is likely made of.

A client had just ordered a crewelwork rug from anthropologie, and here they are popping up at HG.  The colors are a bit muddier on these, but the patterns are great and the crewelwork looks pretty authentic--and it's probably hard to fake.

The bergere chair seems to be going strong, and I have to say, I was taken with these.  Love the black linen on the faux cerused oak frame.  But again, these would just be for show (silly, yes?)  The upholstery is incredibly stiff.

I didn't take as many photos of the "misses."  Some of the junk is just that: junky.  I saw a ton of pieces in the sort of industrial vibe, but this look works best if it looks like you salvaged your piece from the side of a road.  These pieces are too new, too "finished."  (I hate any inauthentic treatment trying to pass.)

And for me, the most bizarre was seeing a number of pieces of the Restoration Hardware metal-clad furniture.  I've seen an armchair, a sort of steamer trunk, and this dresser.

Do these pieces have mass appeal?

I will admit, in the right setting I might like this little dresser.  But the armchair is a disaster.

What about you:  any shopping lately?  What trends are you seeing out there in the world?

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  1. I havent seen ANY of those rugs at my Homegoods- ugg they need to come up to Boston NOW I want one :)


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