Friday, November 18, 2011

Random funny

Okay, I know this is random for me. This video has NOTHING to do with design, but when my husband played it for me the other night, I couldn't stop laughing.  (beware, it kind of takes a dirty turn for a second in the middle.)

It also really got me thinking about the words that get used over and over again on decorating blogs, and the sort of trendy phrases that have snuck in to the collective vocabulary.  I have always, always sounded stupid when I use trendy phrases--I remember my best college friend, Jeff, trying to get me to use "word" (and also getting me into those huge raver pants that looked like a floor length denim skirt--is anyone the right age to remember those?).  So I try to avoid most of these here--they are just really not me.  Goodness (as in, "too much purple goodness").  Pop (as in "a pop of color").  I die (as in, catchphrase from Rachel Zoe).  Amazeballs (where, oh where does this one even come from?).  There are more--can you think of any?

Also, random part two, I had a dream last night that someone gave me a little pod--it actually looked like a drapery weight, only softer--that you eat in order to watch a movie with your own eyes as the screen. Even in the dream I was aware of how AMAZING this was--I was trying to explain it to someone.  Maybe I told them it was amazeballs, who can say.  And then someone set me up with a trust fund for 20 million dollars. That's right: 20 million.  I guess, in my subconscious at least, I aim high!

Happy Weekend!


  1. That video is quite hilarious. I find that I say whatever words are floating around although now that my son is 13 he stares at me like I"m a weirdo when I say a hip word so I'm trying to control myself;)

  2. I am "totes" with you. See. Does not work.

  3. BFF Rach [Rachel Zoe} uses it...that video was hilarious!!! I agree...I try to think of another word other than a "blogger" description.....


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