Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dreamy Dining Room

I started this board as part of a links party a week or so ago, but sort of forgot about it until I went on over to olioboard to work on something for a client.  The perfect follow up to yesterday's dining room post?  A different take, for sure.

dreamy dining room
I've been craving lavender and, oddly enough, peaceful palettes.  I'm loving the play on grey, lavender, and silver, and the different textural sheens, from the silvery thread in the rug to the galvanized chairs, mother of pearl sideboard, pressed tin mirror, and gilded chandy and nailhead.  Of course, I can't afford a one of these items, and while I usually make accessible design boards with a balanced budget in mind, sometimes it's fun to play with materials and shapes without the constraints of numbers, no?

What does you dream dining room look like?


  1. If I had no budget oh the things I could do! It would be hard to pick! I love this soft palette, could totally see it in a room with some gorgeous moldings!

  2. Beautiful design. I agree, it is way more fun to let yourself dream big. In the end, you may find that some of your higher end pieces can easily be switched out for more budget friendly ones.


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