Friday, November 11, 2011


Three bits and pieces.


Metro Magazine invited me to be this months "guest expert" for their "Feng Shui Rater," in which someone in the design field "judges random home design trends by their energy," and, naturally, I used DIY trends as my organizing principle.  Some of my choices may be controversial (I sent Union Jack-painted furniture way to the bottom of the list), but I'm so glad to see a shout-out to Danika and Cheryl at O'Verlays right there in print.  Metro, thanks for having me!


West Elm knocked my socks off today. How, you ask? I installed a fabulous gallery wall using some of their gallery frames (okay, like 30 of their gallery frames), and I was sooooo happy to discover that they come with their own little mockups. In hot pink, no less.  (It's the little things, right?)

Usually I cut these myself from kraft paper (like this), and I'm sure having them pre-made saved me an hour of install time. Plus, they actually work for hanging. See the little illustration for the hook?

Shockingly, they are in the right place. Another chunk of time saved.


I share my current color obsession on Monday over at Anne Marie's Blog 10 Rooms for her series, Crushing on Color. Be sure to check it out, then come on back here to see how I put one of the illustrated color pairings into practice when I rearranged some things in the bedrooms.

I'm working this weekend, but it's all fun projects. Which is good, because the alternative was a girls weekend in NYC with two of my best-ever girlfriends. (Have fun ladies--I will miss you!)  How about you--anything fun planned?

Oh, fourth.

Speaking of NYC, tomorrow night Dave and I are going to see The Moth live here in Minneapolis.  It's like a little slice of our New York experience following us out here, and I can't wait.  Here we are at a Moth event early in our dating days, I guess March of 2003?  I was WAY ahead of the curve on the brightly colored pants trend, let me tell you.  (Purple!)  And those yellow dangly earrings were an absolute fave.


  1. and what a beautiful post it will be... love the idea of seeing it put into practice in your home! How cool is west elm? Love retailers that think outside of the box...

  2. I didn't know the frames come with that, how cool!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thanks for sharing this incredibly clever idea! Creating a link to your post from my own blog! Thanks for sharing. From one Mini Apple-ite to another :)


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