Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Awesome Product Alert!

Local (Minneapolis) screen printing studio Kick. Stand. Press making some some Kick. Ass. Wallpapers.

Love the random feeling shapes (and of course the color palette) here:

organic compounds
[Organic Compounds 2011]

Weirdly, it almost looks like state divisions on continents in old maps, doesn't it?

Love the whole structured nature thing going on here:


And I almost want to put photographs in the ovals, you know?

Also loving the whimsy of the bike embedded in this block print scenario, which almost has a classic Indian vibe.  Yet not.

victorian bike love
[Victorian Bike Love 2010]

And my personal favorite, which I would like very much to put in the hallway upstairs (yes, and cover over the magnetic kid art stripe I just created), is this:

red feathers
[Red Feathers 2010]

right now, it is a small collection, but I am liking each and every one.

And what's better than bringing the "local organic" movement from our food to our decor?

Right.  Nothing.

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  1. Wallpapers can transform the whole look of a room! I have used wallpaper in my dining area and it is featuring stones. It is really cool. Wanna have a look?


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