Thursday, November 10, 2011

Love this room.

After various product and project posts this week, I thought this little blog might need some inspiration in the form of an awesome room.  Luckily, my latest batch of passed-along magazines came from my mother in law not too long ago, and with the start of swim lessons for the girls comes a nice little 20 minute pocket of time to myself for sitting and flipping the pages.  (And peeking in on their progress now and again.)

Chicago Home and Gardens put out a Color issue in September, the perfect treat for a color hound like me.  I can't seem to get over this quirky living room, decorated by the homeowner, and full of risks that somehow look completely natural.  Check it.

This picture reminds me that:

- I want to paint the office built in shelves a deep, saturated color  (or stain them dark, like these)
- I'm still down with orange, green, and blue
- A velvet couch goes to the top of my "someday" list
- Paired chairs can mismatch in every possible way and still work.

Let's talk about those chairs a bit more.  With all the balance and symmetry on the couch side of the room, I love the mismatched pair to throw things off a little, but not many people would take a tall skinny leggy midcentury piece with an overscale bold pattern and sidle it up to a squat barrel-back intricate wood frame chair in solid upholstery and call it a day.

I think it also helps that this pair of chairs sits off to the side.

So the room gets its symmetry after all.

Have you seen a room lately that you wanted to just move into?

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