Thursday, October 24, 2013

Three not meant to be

Sometimes it take some work finding a client's style.
I recently sent 4 living room designs along that each felt quite different to me.  (The direction we went with, not shown here, is the biggest departure of the group.)

So, just for fun, three designs that will live on only here.

The space is an NYC duplex loft with modern finishes and big steel windows front and back.  The client has the sectional....and not much else.  They wanted fewer pieces, nothing layered, and fairly neutral,so we went sculptural and textural, with an emphasis on shapes....

The end result is SO different from these, bust I am loving them, especially the first.  If I was a sexy gay male loft dweller, that is TOTALLY what I would do.  Right down to the fabulous Marquee light art.

What about you, any favorites?

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