Monday, October 21, 2013

Creating a dramatic headboard wall...without the headboard

I recently went trolling for inspiration in a stack of old House Beautiful magazines.  There's something fun about paging through years of a magazine to see the progression of some trends (striped dhurries!) as well as some good ideas played out in the hands of different designers.

Take the small space conundrum of a tiny bedroom: the room that could most benefit from the drama of a headboard doesn't have the space to support one.

David Netto solves this problem by upholstering the wall in a high drama Josef Frank print.

And Stephen Shubel sheaths a guest room wall in book wallpaper in his own cottage.

"Like Marie Antoinette in a T Shirt," he says.  Love.

Want to accomplish this on your own?  Anthropologie has a bunch of great wall murals and retail papers that would do the trick.

Party Animals is like a cheekier Josef Frank, while this Great Meadow mural is a lighter take on the matter.

Anthro's got the books, too, more colorful and a little less serious, as they are all stacked paperbacks.

Or you could go for the same cheeky tromp l'oeuil (and hit the gallery trend to boot) with the Gallery Curator paper.

Makes me wish I had a little bed niche somewhere in my house!

What do you think: would you wallpaper a headboard wall?


Let me know what you think. I love hearing from you!


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